Reputation management in social networks using an outsourced contact centre

Outsourcing contact centre is a multifunctional marketing tool that is able to communicate with consumers through many channels, including social networks. The latter is an integral part of communication between consumers and companies, because even our grandmothers are visiting Facebook.

Regardless of the business format, be it a small online mono-product store or a huge Ecom or Retail network – valuable consumer experience will be aggregated in social networks anyway.

Why do customers post in social networks? Firstly, it is more convenient, and secondly, the problem is becoming public and has more weight than a personal complaint put through the hotline to an operator.

Indeed, due to the fact that the consumer brings his problem to the public realm, the corporate reputation suffers more than during a personal call, so we will briefly describe what methods we use to manage reputation issues in Direct Call.

  • Tone of Voice – style of communication with the client, which are mainly based on the principles and policies of the company’s relationship with the consumer. You set the parameters, and our team develops the style of communication. It is important to remember – style, not script!
  • Training operators to think without a script. The operator is a representative of the company in the view of the client, and if he answers all customers in the identical manner, even if they have similar questions, the client will perceive this as indifference, brushing away the problem with a scripted phrase. Our task is to establish an individual approach to each question, complaint, and gratitude. It is important that the operator should not learn this by himself, it is the job of a mentor and trainer form our team to help the operator to fulfil his tasks efficiently for the benefit of the client and the company, and to prepare an algorithm of actions and a knowledge base for him as well.
  • Tagging comments – we tag each comment, and tag system is developed jointly with a client, as we need to understand what problems have to be solved.
  • Analysis. Based on the tagged comments, we perform analysis: activity peaks during a particular period, main types on enquiries, key topics of complaints etc.
  • Conclusions. We draw conclusions about the mood of the audience and the key points of concerns (the main situations for customers’ negative experience when interacting with the company) based on analytics, so you can build a business strategy based on information about how users react to the company now. We can also see how they react to certain activities (campaigns, awards, etc.) and consider their positive and negative aspects in the future. Customer complaints during the analysis will indicate which processes have to be optimized and reworked.

All these steps are aimed to improve the corporate reputation. If you add activities and events for users on the webpage, an increase in a positively tuned audience is guaranteed.