Availability in the contact center is the presence of an operator ready to take a call. It is a crime to create a contact center and at the same time avoid communication with your customers. And, nevertheless, many companies "pickle" their customers with tens of minutes of waiting in line, endless voice menus without the opportunity to get to the "live" operator.
A curious incident occurred with our analyst. From a well-known Ukrainian company that sells clothes, he received a newsletter with an offer to buy a dress. The work of the entire analytical Department was suspended for at least an hour, as the staff laughed uncontrollably, imagining 2m tall Alexei in some light summer dress.
We already know successful cases of speech synthesis implementation in Ukrainian companies. But speech Analytics is still a little-known topic. Speech Analytics in the contact center is the analysis of operators ‘ conversation records by keywords, queries and even intonations. That is tens of thousands of records a day. At the same time, the Quality […]
Is it possible to replace the operators by robots for outgoing calls? A discussion of this issue is a trend of this year. On our mobile or landline phone call, and we do not hear a living person, and the voice of a robot. It would seem that the benefit is obvious. The robot does […]