Outsourcing contact centre is a multifunctional marketing tool able to communicate with consumers through many channels. Regardless of the business type, whether it is a small online store selling narrowly specialized goods or a huge retail network, valuable consumer experience will be aggregated in social networks. Why do customers post in social networks? Firstly, it […]
In this project, we acted as a consultant. Outsourcing contact centre services were foreseen neither at the initial stage nor at the project support stage. Our main objective was to create a separate functioning unit, without using the services of outsourcing companies. This decision was based on several factors, the main one being the specifics […]
Outsourcing contact centre is a multifunctional marketing tool that is able to communicate with consumers through many channels, including social networks. The latter is an integral part of communication between consumers and companies, because even our grandmothers are visiting Facebook. Regardless of the business format, be it a small online mono-product store or a huge […]
Conditions of modern business often create a situation where companies are struggling to build up stable sales flow and to outline the value of their goods/services to the customer. Showing an effective case of one of our clients, who increased sales with a large multiple, we would like to share the knowledge of how DirectCall […]
A strong opinion has formed that a contact centre consists of just incoming and outcoming telephone campaigns. In the conditions of active development in the IT field, online communication channels become increasingly important for client, such as Viber, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and web chats. One of the key indicators of the corporate customer focus is […]
Contact centre is an integral mechanism. The result and, consequently, the customer satisfaction depend on the coherence of his work. Each employee is a detail that makes company to raise its entire level, and a properly motivated employee is a piston, the main element of the engine. The key problem that many contact centres face […]
A contact centre is an important business tool, no matter what product or service you sell. You can try to save money and put a secretary or any other manager on the phone. But how can you be sure that the client’s enquiries would be addressed quickly and efficiently if you do not know the […]
Every word spoken by the operator directly affects the consumer's attitude to the customer. Therefore, the CC always faces the task of providing a high level of service.
In the era of virtual conflicts and information wars, it is increasingly difficult for businesses to protect their online reputation. After all, the "surge" can happen anywhere, not necessarily on your official page.
What is the role of the contact center in your business model?  We begin our acquaintance with him. Everything changes consumers, the competitive environment, strategies, products, etc.. This question allows you to keep the focus.