Speech Сontrol

Every word spoken by the operator directly affects the consumer’s attitude to the customer. Therefore, the CC always faces the task of providing a high level of service.

You can win over the interlocutor and build loyalty to the company by identifying the needs of the client and for this purpose the specialist has two ways: to work according to a given scenario or to improvise during the conversation. Choosing a particular method, you must take into account the specifics and objectives of the project, as well as the experience and professionalism of the operator. For example, ask a clarifying question, such as: “How did You find out about the company?”, an experienced specialist can find right time for this question during the entire conversation. Unlike a new employee who follows the script and has to clarify this point at the beginning of the conversation so that they don’t forget it later.

On the hotline of an online store for children’s goods, where customers are young parents, small breaks in the style of communication using affectionate and diminutive words can have a positive impression on consumers, which in turn will be inappropriate on the support line of a financial institution, where business communication is legally reliable information using strictly a script and scenario. However, even in the financial sector, there are successful examples of compliance with legal certainty in the absence of” clerical ” communication with clients. So in communicating with customers, experienced operators use a personal pronoun and provide advice on their behalf, for example: I would recommend you…, I can say that I personally would try…, let me tell you…, which in turn causes confidence in the company itself.

The ability to freely manage a conversation, show empathy and find leverage – this is aerobatics, which comes with experience and skill acquisition. For a new specialist who is still lost in a large amount of information, scripts will be like flags on the way to the finish line, and the conversation script will set the direction for achieving the goals. Here is an example of a conversation map when working with objections about increasing the cost for a novice.

High-quality scripts lead the consumer to make the necessary decision for the company, help make a positive impression about the company, and increase loyalty. For a specialist, such scripts make it easier to work, minimize errors, and reduce the conversation time, which in turn affects the result. Professionally developed scripts contain all possible scenarios for the development of the conversation, answer various consumer questions, including objections, and are always written in two languages, so that the specialist is as comfortable as possible to answer questions without getting confused in terms and avoiding pauses-hesitations.

To launch a new project of an international brand of electrical engineering, 18 script variants were developed. Based on them, the training and start of the project was built. After 6 months, the “Oldies” of the project used 20% of the scripts, while newcomers use scripts as a reliable support in 100% of conversations, the first 3 months of working with the project.

In addition to scripts, the conversation structure is developed so that information is not provided in chunks and is ordered. In telephone communication, it is easier for a specialist to conduct a dialogue if they adhere to a given scheme. The specialist may deviate from the templates, but this should not affect the result. For both hotline and telemarketing, the basic components of the structure are 5 points, which can be supplemented based on the needs of the project:

  • A greeting where the specialist must clearly introduce himself and name the company.
  • The identification of needs. The specialist responds to the essence of the question, does not wait for leading questions, and provides the most complete information, if necessary, asks clarifying questions.
  • The presentation of the product/service. It does not matter whether it is an incoming line or a telemarketing specialist must thoroughly know the product being sold, be “in love”with it.
  • Working with objections. Not all conversations can be, but without professional answers to possible objections, a good consultation can be reduced to”zero”.
  • Summarizing. Deal. As a rule, everything depends on the goal-a sale, an appointment, an invitation to an event, etc.

You can use a basic template to build a conversation Algorithm.

The conversation algorithm and scripts are a tool that will allow a specialist to improve their communication skills and eventually move to free communication

Direct Call always finds the best ways to solve the customer’s business problems, so the conversation structure and scripts are developed individually for the needs of each business, taking into account the goals set. In the future , we bring operators to the level of free communication without binding to scripts. And then customers can hear the magic sincere voices that solve their questions-quickly and competently.