Using contact-centre to increase sales and to enhance brand awareness

Conditions of modern business often create a situation where companies are struggling to build up stable sales flow and to outline the value of their goods/services to the customer. Showing an effective case of one of our clients, who increased sales with a large multiple, we would like to share the knowledge of how DirectCall is able to transform small hotline with insignificant number of calls into full-scale direct sales channel.

DirectCall project was initiated in 2014. It was small hotline with only 5 thousand calls per month.

After several months of work to acquire potential clients, additional communication channels were connected: chats and mass SMS-texting.

After 6 months of active work the client transferred traffic from Russia and Moldova for servicing. Due to increase in workload and traffic, operators’ team was increased, attaching them to telemarketing duties as well. They are separate work unit now.

Correctly arranged knowledge based and script algorithms made the decision-making process regarding customer needs shorter and more effective, resulting in higher sales conversion.

Project began to grow and additional services were associated with it. A necessity emerged to react quickly to clients’ enquiries which had to be fulfilled in 1 minute or less and transferred to the respective corporate department. It was decided to develop API for enquiries transfer, which originated in the Web channel. As a result, all enquiries are responded in the quickest manner, giving opportunity to retain customer in the company and disallowing switch to competitors.

As the project became larger and larger, so did the number of services provided to customers, and the necessity to assess ads efficiency arose. Based on the client’s needs, call-tracking system was introduced, which helped to track the most effective ad sources for the customer’s business. The result allowed to decrease the customer’s spending budget and to increase conversion of enquiries.

Client was also offered an option to transfer some clients to IVR in order to cut costs. Additionally, IVR countertype for chats was developed: it was chat-bot allowing client to solve any issue in a timespan of several minutes without a necessity to connect to operator. Thus, an opportunity to decrease hotline operators’ workload was implemented, applying their efforts to other tasks. Under conditions of IVR service a feature to track clients movement along IVR menu was created, allowing to figure out exact requirements of each client.

If a customer moved along the IVR menu and was interested in a particular service, but did not connect to the operator to finalise the deal, we track him and send “follow-up” with an offer, ideally matching his demands.

Currently, implementation of bot makes us able to deal with enquiries, information communications, staff evaluation and assessment of corporate efforts. Customer receives maximum of available information and knows exactly which sector requires further improvements.

Having accumulated immense volume of data in a project, we developed uniform report system Power BI. It is a powerful unit with business analytics for joint access, sharing data, enquiry management and data requests in Excel. The supervisors’ workload was decreased, allowing client to monitor statistics on a 24/7 basis.

An above-mentioned report system enables client with:

  • information collected from various sources;
  • data processing, unification and standardization;
  • development and modelling proprietary formulas, metrics, ratios and KPIs to control and to analyse business management parameters;
  • interactive visualisation of all metrics, KPIs and tables, increasing and accelerating the processes of tracking, comparison, and analysis of operational information.

The result of services offered to the client was workflow optimisation, increase of speed necessary to process loan applications, and plenty of research efforts allowing to establish inconsistencies in work processes and to eliminate them. The spending on inefficient ads and other expenses were cut substantially.

Contact centre became an important linkage between customers and our client. As a result, robust and effective sales system with contact centre as an integral component was built up.

However, the largest achievement is a trust by client, who relied on us and transferred his business functions to our DirectCall.

The following components allowed to deliver success in our work and relationships with the client:

  • defining goals and measures of effectiveness;
  • distribution of responsibilities and building up processes;
  • creation of knowledge base, scripts and trainings for operators;
  • personalised development of the report system for each client – we deny any “template approaches”;
  • identification of objectives and gradual achievement.