Success in Teamwork

What is the role of the contact center in your business model?  We begin our acquaintance with him. Everything changes consumers, the competitive environment, strategies, products, etc.. This question allows you to keep the focus. If there is no significant place for a contact center in your business model, you should close it. Or the business model is inefficient and can be strengthened. After all, almost every brand strives to improve its product and make it more attractive to consumers. Strengthen your marketing. The contact center is the best place to test and collect consumer insights.

First of all, it is necessary to define several functions that can be transferred to the contact center, and then clearly agree on the competence and area of responsibility of employees. You should not expect a high level of quality from the contact center staff if you cannot/do not want to provide them with access to all the necessary information about the product, services, customers, etc. The less responsibility you give to the contact center, the lower the effectiveness of its work. The contact center is a complex system. Its effectiveness is based on a variety of business processes.

Full customer service is not possible without integration with the company’s internal processes. Almost all services are involved in the interaction – logistics, Finance, marketing, production, quality control, and, of course, TOP management. Each of them has its powers and responsibilities. The quality of information exchange with them determines the speed of solving consumer requests and the overall impression of the company. On the other hand, consumer questions collected by the contact center are a valuable mirror and resource for management and development.

After defining the functions and areas of responsibility, business processes are developed that will involve the contact center and other divisions of the company.

Very often we are faced with a situation when the company does not know how to build business processes, what functions the operator can perform, how to organize information flows correctly. In this case, you will need an experienced consultant for modeling business processes. Both an independent expert and a skilled outsourcing contact center can act in this role. We have experience in organizing information exchange with clients of various scales. If you outsource your work, you will get access to the accumulated knowledge and ready-made solutions for business in almost any industry.

The outsourcing contact center has a fairly complex structure, the work of which is a well-coordinated precise mechanism of such divisions:

  1. The monitoring Department. The Department’s specialists monitor the work of systems, processes, and employees. In the event of any failures, the responsible persons are promptly informed to make management decisions, or technical staff to resolve the problems.
  1. Department of analysis and planning. Within the framework of multitasking and having a large number of clients with completely different work parameters, resource planning, and load planning are crucial to business payback and financial performance. This Department analyzes the past and current to plan the future, activities, number of staff, and as a result-a clear schedule of staff work.
  1. Quality control department. The quality of work is one of the critical indicators.  SLA. Supervisors evaluate the quality of specialists ‘work to calculate employee motivation, to improve knowledge bases, to develop corrective actions and conduct feedback, to analyze non-standard situations and complaints from clients/customers, etc.the quality control Department sets tasks for the Training Department and supervisor of the project/group of operators, whose goal is to improve the quality of operators’ work.
  1. Service Desk. The task of the Service Desk is to plan, distribute, and control the execution of incidents that occurred in the contact center and may lead to a decrease in the fault tolerance of processes/equipment. The service is based on the rules that define the categories of incidents and deadlines for each type of work, as well as the escalation scheme in case of violation of the deadlines for fixing the problem.
  1. Training department. Employees of the training Department work with the source materials for the project to develop training materials (training program, lectures, cases, instructions, tests for knowledge cross-section) and knowledge bases for project operators with subsequent administration on an ongoing basis. According to the developed materials, the Department employees conduct initial training, admission to work, as well as following additional training. Subsequently, the Department employees perform regular cross-sections of operators ‘ knowledge. A separate area of the Department’s work is conducting exercises on sales, communication skills, stress tolerance, etc..
  1. The developers Department. A Department of technical specialists whose main task is to develop and adapt the software required for projects.
  2. Hr-department. The work of the HR Department involves a continuous process of recruiting personnel, accounting and document management, participation in the development of motivational programs, working with staff to quickly adapt and reduce churn, developing corporate events, implementing corporate culture, etc.

We believe that the modern engine is one of the most complex mechanisms created by man. And the operation of the crank mechanism is the best illustration of the interaction of the contact center units to perform the tasks set by the client.