Information lineto direct-channel transformationas a part of Client’sbusiness model (Financial area)


Simplify customers’ access to the information
Algorithmization of work process. Relieving pressure from Client’s personnel on financing requests.
Integration of information systems to optimize costs.
Manage and control all types of interactions with consumers.
Create a tool for accessing efficiency of online advertisements.


Step 1

To attract new possible clients, we involved additional channels of communication, such as SMS, WEB-chat, and social media. Furthermore, our company optimized rate of response to specific requests that were received from web-channel with API development. We realized a web-call, created an intelligent routing system of an operator’s calls depending on kind of request / channel of communication.

Step 2

Raised sales conversion by integrating databases created by our Client that significantly reduced the time of deciding if customer is interested in Client’s service. Extension of specialists’ of outsourcing call-center functional in several steps. Development of algorithms and scripts that manage customers’ requests processing. Therefore, call-center operators could partially or completely serve as internal offices of Client’s, relieving overburdened workers of Client’s company to work on tasks that are more complicated. Completed call-center integration with CRM-system and ERP-system.

Step 3

We implemented the Call-tracking system to measure the efficiency of advertisement. Our choices of the most effective sources of advertisements for Client’s business allowed us to optimize an advertisement budget and raise conversion of the new clients’ attraction.


start of the Hot Line of Communication

Provided high quality communication among current and potential clients at all accessible services

Processing of web-chats

Connected additional customer communication line

Customer's satisfaction

Defined weak pots in quality of service

Start of SMS-sending service,
balc SMS, operational SMS

Provided standard communications with current customer by using the cheapest channel. That decision increased activity of clients and sales of services

The Hot Line of Communication credit appluing

"Hot" leads were forwarded to the call-center that reduced response time for specific requests

Working with social media

Connected additional communication channel, reduced response time for specific requests

Call tracking

Carried out an assesment of advertisiment sources' efectiveness to find one with the highest conversion

Call from site about
credit applying

Raising of coversion, reduced response time for specific requests

Processing of credit applies. Application was forwarded to the Scoring Department

Reducing of the Client's sources of applications processing

Integration with Client's
CRM system and ERP-system



We created effective system of
sales with call-center as the core
of this business model.