Development of a Hotlinein omnichannel Customer Care Servicein the field of Beauty e-commerce & retail


Processing of all channels of communication
with clients
Development of analysis
to identify key points
of client pain. (PainMap)
Increase the involvement of participants
in the life of the page


Step 1

Development of algorithms to respond
to customers in social networks.

Step 2

Track activity across the network.

Step 3

Create Analytics using the Tags (cases) category.

Step 4

Reaction to every activity relative to the company. Holding events on the page.


Create algorithms for communication in social networks
Develop key performance indicators for professionals (KPIs)
To train call center operators to work in social services, respond to customers according to the company's Tone of Voice, without a template
To develop tags
To train specialists in tagging
Create an analytical extract from the tagged data
Determine the causes of negativity
To neutralize the negative, nurture the positive bots
Based on the key pain points customers to improve business processes
To increase the activity on the page with the help of constant participation of specialists, to react to any activity (by encouraging positive, leveling negative)
To obtain a full Customer Care Service


FCR- First Call Resolution ≥85% (Indicator of solving
the client's question from the first appeal)
Response Time ≥ 1 hour (the speed of response)


The opinion of the client, their assessment and gratitude to the company is a component of the image. In the digital age, it is important to pay attention to every aspect of customer experience, especially online. Call center in our time can be for your company is not just a hotline, and omnichannel Customer Care service, able to pay attention to each review or comment anywhere and as soon as possible. Thus, the company can focus on global business goals, and the call center will perform all functions of communication with the company's customers. While you develop a plan to increase profits and develop exports, we help clients get answers to important questions about your company and can independently resolve 85% of their complaints and grievances. While you are building strategies to attract new customers, we contribute to this by supporting already loyal customers and helping new ones to understand how interesting your company is for them.