Providing stable level of quality of living and access to good and services in case of sudden seasonalupscale without raising of costs(Housing and Communal Services)

Providing stable levelof quality of livingand access to good andservices in case of sudden seasonal upscale without raising of costs(Housing and Communal Services)


Provide high quality of customer support service of housing services under sharp increase of quantity of incoming calls and emotional pressure from customers.
Reduce the high level of stress among operators.
Provide fast teaching and preparing of new operators without any work experience under such difficult circumstances and such a great database without raising any costs. Project budget is the reason why we should rely on new workers.


Step 1

We segmented Client’s database depending on theme group and level of complexity. Our company created groups according to themes and levels of quality, developed the separate line for questions about heating season. If customer chose a wrong IVR-theme, call was forwarder to skills-group that helped customer to find the right answer to their question. In the first few weeks, new operators will work with one certain group to be taught as fast and as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, while practice their own group they also were taught about other segments and groups eventually. In that way operator who just started working became more and more competent during their working day.

Step 2

We changes the definition and concept of Service for the Client’s team. Line for complaints and malfunction reports was reclassified to psychological support service which goal is to support customer, calm them and make their emotional state as stable as possible. We trained operators some approaches from the Conflict Management Course, such as empathy, control of customer’s emotional state, etc.

Step 3

Our coaches implemented mini-courses of anger management. For example, morning training called “get someone out of the trolley” changed focus from personal issues to goals of the company. Breathing exercises and experience-sharing (telling stories about outstanding clients or situation that happened at work) returned operators to the positive and productive state of mind.


We managed to increase quantity of operators
without raising cost or making quality
level lower than before.