Reactivationof customer in Fashion e-commerce


Maximize conversion and reduce unit cost per sale.


Step 1

We segmented Client’s database to raise effectiveness of call-center operators. We used statistic on previously performed calls and determined set of factors when conversion reached its maximum.

For segmentation, we used such factors as gender, age, region, mobile operator, frequency of purchases and its place at RF-grid, results of previous calls.

Step 2

Our company defined the most effective answers for questions of our customers. We segmented Client’s database and gave each segment its own guideline.

We also give our operators instructions for each of this guidelines depending of type of segmented where current customer is placed in. We taught our operators the best possible way to answer any customer’s question or complaint.

Costs Dynamics


Our operator makes call at the right, comfortable
for customer, time with clear instructions.
Cost per one reactivated customer was reduced
by two times, from 5, 33 UAH to 2, 61 UAH.