Use case: “Omni-channel platform as an efficient instrument for the contact centres”


To organize uniform communication window for the following channels: web-chat, email, Facebook-Messenger, Instagram Direct, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram
To filter out standard questions to decrease the load of the contact-centre chat operators
To distribute clients’ requests among particular groups of operators
To gather information about clients into automatic report
To create standard response templates to save time spent by chat operators
To tag the responses for the subsequent analytics


Step 1

Switched to the omni-channel form

Step 2

Gathered monthly clients’ requests and analysed them

Step 3

Developed chatbot

Step 4

Involved quality control into the process of developing auto-responses and templates

Implementation plan

We connected an omnichannel platform to process customer requests from the following channels: Web-chat, e-mail, FB-Messenger, Instagram direct, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram
We produced analytics of customer requests to form a pool of the most frequently requested ones and to highlight the main topics of requests
We developed text responses to the most frequent requests for a chat bot
We launched a chatbot based on Nova.chats framework to serve customers with standard questions, while enabling them with an opportunity to contact the operator
Operators were divided into skill-groups, each of which was dealing with certain request types
With the help of scripts, we enabled routing of requests, depending on their type, to a particular skill-group of operators
We developed a form in the client chat to fill out before starting the chat. The operator sees the primary data in the client's card (which allows you to filter out the standard data collection about the client to solve his problem). Further, an operator was given an opportunity to enter data independently into the client's card if it has lost its relevance.
We configured automatic loading of the client data into the report from the chat, for subsequent audience analytics
We developed templates, uploaded them to the chat platform, and now an operator can answer some questions in one click
Developed tags and introduced them into the chat platform for tagging dialogues with clients


With the help of the omnichannel platform, we optimized time and costs spent by physical operators. We also made communication with the client more professional, as operators are clearly specialized in certain request topics; they can concentrate on narrower areas and understand them better than “wide-angle” operators, who are obliged to know all details of a project as a whole and to find requested information longer. With the help of the data collected by the chat centre, we can produce analytics regarding categories of customers and their most characteristic requests, and to use this information for the subsequent optimization of the business processes.


With the help of innovative IT solutions, we were able to optimize the work of operators, to make the support service more understandable and more competent. By aggregating data automatically, we can quickly see problem areas and work to improve business processes. Therefore, a chat-centre is not just answering to the customers’ questions in the web-chat, but also finding important markers that indicate development zones and help build a further strategy for any business. Further, organizing work by using chat bots optimizes the operator's time efforts, giving him an opportunity to focus on more complex tasks and thereby to use valuable human resources more effectively.